UX Measurement with Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity Heatmap

Launched in late 2020, and still in Beta, Microsoft Clarity allows you to really understand how users are experiencing and navigating through your website. Primarily offering Session Recordings and Heatmaps, you can analyse cohorts of anonymous users to see where they click and scroll, navigate away from the website, encounter any barriers to conversion, and […]

Tips for SEO in 2021 (+ Review of 2020)

2020 black tiles being replaced by 2021

Despite 2020 not going as planned, there’s still time to start preparing for 2021. As many people have changed the way they work and their means of communication with family, friends and colleagues, digital communication is more important now than ever.  Following this rapid adoption of technology and behavioural change is digital marketing, and the […]

3 Types of Pop Ups That Hurt SEO + 3 That Don’t

Google examples of intrusive pop ups

It’s common knowledge that people use Google Search to quickly find answers to their questions. With these quick answers, people are more likely to return to Google Search in future which allows for more Search Ads, use of other Google products, and revenue. This is supported by Google’s organic ranking algorithms, as Google has stated […]

How Can Server-Side Tagging Improve Page Speed?

google neon sign

With the increasing complexity of digital marketing campaigns utilising multiple technology partners*, adding third (3rd) party tags to track performance without impacting speed can be tricky. However, Google is introducing server-side tagging to Google Tag Manager (GTM) so that 3rd party tags can run in a server container after the page has loaded. *These partners […]

Future Monetisation of Google My Business?

Currently Google My Business is a free platform that lets you create and manage business listings in Google Maps. This is so when users do a local search they can see your business, where you’re located, how to contact you, and more. However, is this all about to change? Will there be a Google My […]

Fundamentals of Website Redirects

404 page error screen

You likely already know that redirects are important for moving users, crawlers and links from one page to another. However, it’s important to implement the correct redirect – as search engines need to figure out whether to keep a reference to the old page or forget it and replace it with the new page. With […]