May 6, 2021 3:03 pm

How Can Server-Side Tagging Improve Page Speed?

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With the increasing complexity of digital marketing campaigns utilising multiple technology partners*, adding third (3rd) party tags to track performance without impacting speed can be tricky. However, Google is introducing server-side tagging to Google Tag Manager (GTM) so that 3rd party tags can run in a server container after the page has loaded.

*These partners can include email platforms, social media pixels, review systems, and more.

How Will This Improve Page Speed?

Typically, technology partners require the adding of their JavaScript code (known as 3rd party tracking tags) to your website so that their platform can effectively track campaign performance. As your campaigns can be sophisticated with multiple of these partners, loading several of these tags during a website load can impact speed, user experience and even conversion rates!

By moving your 3rd party tags off of your website and into a server container (in GTM and your Google Cloud), you reduce the amount of JavaScript processed and likely improve website loading speeds. Find out more about improving performance and security with server-side tagging

Added Benefit of Server-Side Tagging: Data Security

A bonus of moving to server-side tagging is that you can control the access of information sent to this server container. With visibility over what data the tags are collecting, you can control what information they can collect and where it goes. 

Start the Setup or Contact Us for Assistance

  1. Create the server-side container within Tag Manager – selecting Server as the Target Platform. 
  2. Create a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) server and link it to a GCP Account
  3. Configure the server domain
  4. Understand the default GCP deployment

For more information, refer to the Server-Side Tagging Guide by Google.

For assistance in setting up Tag Manager, adding third party tags, or any other website optimisation tasks, contact the experts at Bliss today.

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