May 6, 2021 9:43 pm

SEO Agency in Melbourne

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Starting out as an SEO agency in 2011, Bliss Search now offers a full suite of digital marketing solutions including Social Media Marketing (across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn), Search Engine Marketing (across Google, Bing & YouTube), and technical support. But focusing on SEO, our specialists have a deep understanding of Google, Bing and YouTube and how to maximise your organic presence. Whether you’re looking to improve performance for your Melbourne SEO, or Australia-wide, or internationally, we have the strategies and solutions to reach your audience.

Improve the long-term growth and health of your business with an SEO service company that has a proven track record with successful strategies across various industries. While Google Ads are great for quickly accessing customers, if your budget drops or you need to pause the activity, and you don’t have a strong SEO strategy in place, you will see a noticeable drop in sales or conversions. 

We are a Certified High-Performance Google Premier Partner with years of experience in developing custom SEO solutions for our clients. As a Google Premier Partner, we have access to a Google strategy team to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital marketing industry.

Why Choose Bliss?

Browse the ‘top SEO companies’ in Australia and you’ll quickly get lost amongst messages of “guaranteed rankings in 90 days or your money back” or guarantees of more exposure / traffic / phone calls. But what do rankings, website traffic and phone calls mean unless they result in actual revenue and growth for your business?

Sick of uninterpretable reports and no understanding of what SEO can do for your business? Bliss Search is a team of dedicated specialists that emphasize the importance of transparency, insightful results and trusting relationships with clients. The best website SEO services analyse the business, market position, customers and more – even before thinking about which strategies and what KPIs should be set.

Amongst the best SEO agencies in Melbourne, we thoroughly analyse each business and their position within the market before developing any SEO strategy. However, for the best results, an integrated strategy should often include Google My Business optimisation, landing page optimisation, YouTube channels and videos*, and more.

*Yes, YouTube is the second largest search engine and should have an SEO strategy too!

Our website seo consultants work with you to define your marketing goals and then develop a strategy to suit that. Whether that is increasing quality traffic, improving conversion rates and/or optimising other channels (like GMB and YouTube), we strive to help you grow your business.

Success-Driven Strategies

We undertake proven strategies that improve your appearance in search engines, such as:

  • Metadata optimisation and other technical adjustments for performance
  • Content development for attracting non-brand loyal customers
  • User experience experiments for improving conversion rates
  • Link building for domain authority (including avoiding potential harmful backlinks)

We can also work with you and your budget to ensure that you receive a good return on investment. As an affordable SEO agency, we look strive towards the long term growth of your business – so we focus on building a transparent, results-driven relationship with you!

As you may know, SEO is not a quick process. There are foundational elements to be optimised that help businesses grow, but sustainable growth requires a commitment every month. Whether you’re developing targeted content, improving backlinks, running experiments for improved user experience, or any of the other SEO activities, continual reviews and improvements are required to make sure you stay on top of the organic rankings.

Driven by the motto of making Google embarrassed to not rank you highly for your targeted keywords is a key element to our success. There may be an SEO service agency in Melbourne that claims they ‘know’ the search engine algorithms and that they guarantee you rank 1st for a keyword, but the truth is: there are no shortcuts and there are no ranking guarantees in SEO.

While aiming to rank 1st for our targeted keywords, we aim for a breadth of keywords to improve your overall presence in search results – as the more customers see your message, the more you can showcase your expertise, and the more likely they are to choose you. Read short case studies on our work to see why we are among the best.

Is SEO Worth the Investment?

Absolutely, yes! Investing in SEO is investing in the digital future of your business. While SEO campaigns take time to develop and continually grow, the long-term return-on-investment is significantly higher than continually paying for impressions, clicks or views through other digital marketing mediums.

Read case studies on our clients to see the impact of our SEO work. Key results include:

  • >50% yearly growth of qualified traffic to Save the Children Australia
  • 76% increase in yearly leads for Haymes Paint
  • 219% increase in organic conversion rates for Billi Australia

Improving on-page technical SEO, content, links, domain authority, etc. will also support your other marketing activities. With an integrated strategy that gives customers information when they search for it, contact details when they want it, and solutions to their problems when they need it – top SEO company services are always worth the investment.

Is SEO Worth It for Small Businesses?

Yes. While the budget might not be as abundant as larger businesses, investing what you can in SEO is vital to the digital success of a small business. Increase share of voice within the market, expand customer knowledge of your services, and improve conversion rates are just a few of the benefits. 

Effective search engine optimisation requires commitment and a dedication to continuously improving your website. It’s no longer a “set and forget” or “once-off” task that can be done in a few hours once every blue moon. Your search engine optimisation agency should be engaged in ongoing activities to improve everything from technical performance on on-page content. If not, they’re fighting an uphill battle and you will (collectively) struggle to see the value in it – even if they are the ‘best search engine optimisation company’.

We are one of the top SEO companies for small business that also boasts award-winning services for other digital marketing strategies. By analysing your position within your market, we can advise on the best channels (in addition to SEO) to maximise your growth.

Where to Start for SEO?

The start of any high performing SEO strategy is ensuring the foundation pieces are optimised. Often beginning with a thorough web audit, we analyse all essential elements of your website, use of Google platforms (e.g. Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, etc.), external factors (e.g. inbound & outbound linking), technical elements (e.g. robots.txt & sitemap.xml), social performance (often forgotten!) and much more. Analysing all the elements of the Periodic Table for SEO Factors, we can then prioritise optimisation efforts for quicker improvements to your SEO.

  • If you’re focusing on local SEO, turn your attention to Google My Business and localised SEO strategies.
  • If you’re focusing on lead generation, develop a strong content strategy and foundation of testimonial case studies.
  • If you’re focused on online sales, consider speed, technical performance and website structure.

These are just a few examples of different approaches that each type of business can take to developing an SEO strategy. However, given that each case is unique, it’s best to discuss your options with a professional. Email us at for more information.

Find Out How We Can Help Your Business

Staying at the forefront of the top SEO trends, our specialists are up-to-date with the latest features and strategies to ensure our clients rank (organically) for relevant searches. With the emergence of mobile search, the domination of Google as a search engine, understanding of voice search opportunities, and more, we can talk you through which elements of SEO are most important to your business.

To ensure we stay ahead of the competition, our team frequently read the latest articles and insights about SEO. Learning about the latest developments, updates to search engine ranking algorithms and emerging technologies, we analyse what may be relevant to our clients and often publish our own insightful articles. Recent tips from our SEO experts include:

Contact us today and speak to our SEO experts to see how we can transform your business. And meet our team to learn about our backgrounds and find out how our experiences translate into being the best SEO agency. 

For evidence of our success with others, check out our reviews on the Bliss Search Google My Business profile.

The Morning Bliss Recommends

Bliss...get the gist

Hi, welcome to Bliss. How can I help you?

Our website isn’t bringing in the sales and leads we think it should. Can you help with this?

Yep, We’re all over it.

Once we know your business and what your goals are, we’ll come up with a strategy to make sure people who are shopping in your category find you.

Is that what SEO is? Or SEM, I get confused.

Actually, it’s a combination. Don’t worry about the jargon, it makes it seem a lot more mysterious or complicated than what it actually is.

It’s been doing my head in – SERP, CPC, CTR  Argh!

LOL! Half the people in our industry don’t know what they mean either.

Let me explain what we do this way…

Think of your website as a physical place. At the moment you’re located in a back street or maybe somewhere out in the country. Some customers know where you are, and others have a reason to come and find you. But most people have no idea you exist. Or worse still, they’ve seen your competitor located in the town square and they’ve just gone there instead.

Our job is to relocate you to the best and busiest street for your target audience, so everyone shopping in your category sees you.

That makes a lot of sense. I’ve never heard it explained that way before.

What industries do you work with?

All of them – retail, finance, property, government, not for profit. The problem is always the same for everyone. How do you reach prospective customers?

We are getting amazing results for our clients and making them a lot of money. Make sure you have a look at our case studies.

Cool, I will. Is it expensive to do this?

Not as expensive as investing in a website that is underperforming.

We’ll suggest the sort of investment you’ll need to achieve your goals. But really it is up to you to set the budget.

Ok Great. Let me have look through your site and I’ll be in touch.

You’re welcome, enjoy your stay.

Happy Hour starts at 5pm if you’re still here.