March 6, 2021 10:27 am

TrueView For Action Ads Leaderboard 2020

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Think With Google recently released their top 20 picks for YouTubes best TrueView For Action video ad. [1] So we thought we’d showcase the number one pick just for you!

Here at Bliss, we are massive fans of TrueView for Action, both as an ad format and as a campaign strategy. Have a read of our case study to find out exactly how we were able to utilise TrV4A to smash our clients conversion targets.

When you’re done with that, I encourage you to check out the full list of video’s on the leaderboard. It’s an amazing example of the kind of creative content that flourishes under a TrV4A marketing strategy. But without further ado… Here’s Numero Uno!

  1. Dr. Squatch – Save Your Skin With Dr. Squatch Soap

Looking for serious results and a digital marketing strategy that stands above the rest? Get in touch with Bliss for a consultation and hear how we can help your business grow!



The Morning Bliss Recommends

Bliss...get the gist

Hi, welcome to Bliss. How can I help you?

Our website isn’t bringing in the sales and leads we think it should. Can you help with this?

Yep, We’re all over it.

Once we know your business and what your goals are, we’ll come up with a strategy to make sure people who are shopping in your category find you.

Is that what SEO is? Or SEM, I get confused.

Actually, it’s a combination. Don’t worry about the jargon, it makes it seem a lot more mysterious or complicated than what it actually is.

It’s been doing my head in – SERP, CPC, CTR  Argh!

LOL! Half the people in our industry don’t know what they mean either.

Let me explain what we do this way…

Think of your website as a physical place. At the moment you’re located in a back street or maybe somewhere out in the country. Some customers know where you are, and others have a reason to come and find you. But most people have no idea you exist. Or worse still, they’ve seen your competitor located in the town square and they’ve just gone there instead.

Our job is to relocate you to the best and busiest street for your target audience, so everyone shopping in your category sees you.

That makes a lot of sense. I’ve never heard it explained that way before.

What industries do you work with?

All of them – retail, finance, property, government, not for profit. The problem is always the same for everyone. How do you reach prospective customers?

We are getting amazing results for our clients and making them a lot of money. Make sure you have a look at our case studies.

Cool, I will. Is it expensive to do this?

Not as expensive as investing in a website that is underperforming.

We’ll suggest the sort of investment you’ll need to achieve your goals. But really it is up to you to set the budget.

Ok Great. Let me have look through your site and I’ll be in touch.

You’re welcome, enjoy your stay.

Happy Hour starts at 5pm if you’re still here.