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Digital Marketing Strategy

In the dark analogue days BI (Before Internet), marketing folk used the term ‘Marketing Mix’, to describe the combination of print ads, TV commercials, radio spots and billboards designed to deliver your brand message to the most number of people in your target market. Just using one channel was never enough, you needed a multi-pronged approach if you were going to achieve any kind of affective reach.

The digital space is no different. Just using one activity like SEO or Social Media is rarely going to get you the results you want. You need to understand where your audience is hanging out online and what is the most affective and efficient way to reach them.

At Bliss Search we are experts in formulating strategies that work across multiple digital platforms to achieve your traffic and revenue goals.

Bliss Search
Search Engine Optimisation – SEO 

SEO is the art of amending and improving the content on your website, so it performs better on search engines, that is, Google, where almost 95% of all searches take place.

Some agencies will claim to ‘know’ the Google algorithm, or how to trick Google into increasing your ranking. Rest assured, they don’t and can’t. You might get a brief bump in website traffic, but it won’t translate to increased business.

SEO requires focus, dedication and time to understand the words and search terms being used by people shopping in your category and making sure those intent-based keywords appear in the right places on your website and other platforms. It is a process, not a silver bullet.

The team at Bliss Search deliver authentic, long-term, SEO strategies that put your brand in front of browsers who are ready to be customers.

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Search Engine Marketing – SEM 

Everyone hates ads on the internet, right? Wrong! Research shows that people who are ready to purchase, the motivated browsers, are more likely to click on ads and sponsored posts that sift through the organic search results. Put the right product, service or solution in front of a motivated customer and they’ll happily click on your ad whether it’s on Google, Bing or YouTube.

What people don’t like, are ads that are irrelevant, poorly written and badly made.

At Bliss Search we are specialised in crafting digital advertisements with precision that are based on the latest consumer behaviour and keyword research.

Let us demonstrate how we can amplify your results across search, shopping, display and remarketing campaigns

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Social Media Marketing – SMM

More than 18 million Australians have a social media account. That’s 72% of the population!
Facebook reigns supreme with Millennials and older, but Gen
 Z prefers YouTube and Instagram 

The statistics speak for themselves. Investing in Social Media Marketing gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience with a pinpoint accuracy that was unimaginable in the pre-digital age.

At Bliss, our sophisticated understanding of how people use and consume social media, will be a powerful addition to your digital marketing strategy.

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Google My Business Optimisation – GMB

Google My Businesses is the digital equivalent of a physical shopfront. Actually, if you have a physical location, whether that’s a shop, office, warehouse, clinic or any other place of business, GMB will show images of the exterior and interior taken from the internet. It will also show a map of your location, opening hours, a link to your website, contact information and customer reviews.

Remarkably, less than half of all businesses have claimed their GMB listing and even fewer realise the incredible potential of this platform to deliver the most important information to the customers who are looking for you.

Take control and optimise your Google My Business listing today with one call to our experts at Bliss.

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Digital Marketing Workshops and Training

The team at Bliss believe in the wise words of Yogi Bhajan: “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

We aim to do our part in raising the standard of our industry by sharing our knowledge and insights with our clients and other industry professionals. Whether you are just after a basic understanding of digital marketing trends, techniques and strategies, or are seeking more advanced level of professional development, we can tailor a training solution for you.